Where to go in Shivarathri Holidays?

Many of my followers are from Kerala, so my suggestion for the February also as per their convenience to utilise the holidays which is coming along with Shivarathri in February last weekend.

This time you can pack your bag to the Indian Grand Canyon! Yes, the place is known as so but to find on the map, you have to type Gandikkotta. Those who are in love with greenery and hill station, please don't opt this one but those who love archaeological wonders and don't care little of the suntan, don't think twice!

This place is 250km away from the known destination Thirupathi. So while you planning your trip, you have to have two train tickets in one way.

To plan this trip you have to have the following necessities

1. An IRTCTC account.
2. Manage the language to travel in local transportation.
2. An urge to travel (This is must)

Step 1

Book your train tickets from Trivandrum Central railway (TVC) station to Renigunta junction (RU)(which is coming after Tirupathi)
Train name is Sabari Express
Time: 7:15AM
Date: 24th Feb 2017

Step 2

Book tickets from Renigunta Junction (RU) to Muddanuru (MOO)
Train name is Mumbai Mail
Time: 02:50AM
Date: 25th Feb 2017

Step 3

After reaching Muddannur station find bus stop and get bus to Jammalamadugu and then from there hire any auto to Gandikkotta

This much you need till you reach Gandikkotta and then it's time to return but on the way back you have enough to see, so next destination is Belum Caves. To reach there follow the next steps

Step 1
Get a bus to Kolilmundla.

Step 2
Get a share auto to Belum caves from Kolilmundla

And you have reached your next destination!
After roaming around you can have lunch from here and then continue the journey by getting a bus to Tadipatri from Belum. 

Your 2 days spent now and you have one more day in hand and that you can utilise by adding one more destination to the list. Yes, you can visit Mahabalipuram too. So follow the next steps to reach Mahabalipuram from where you are now.

Step 1. 

Book train ticket from Tadipatri (TU) to Chennai Central (MAS)
Train name is Chennai Mail
Time: 7:20PM
Date: 25th Feb 2017 

Step 2
The train will reach Chennai early morning 3:30 AM. You can book a retiring room at the station with your PNR number in your ticket. There you can get fresh.

Step 3
Get an auto to the bus stand from where you will get bus to Mahabalipuram

Reach Mahabalipuram at the earliest and return back to Chennai Central station to get your return train to Trivandrum by 3:20 PM. Train details are as follows

Train name is Trivandrum Express
Time: 3:15PM
Date: 26th Feb 2017


You can book any bus service which is starting late by 8 PM from Chennai to Trivandrum. This will add you more hours to your journey.

Monday morning you will reach Trivandrum before 8:30 AM. And you had an amazing journey to add to your list.

You can read travelogue about Mahabalipuram here and Belum and Gandikotta  too.

Kepp travelling 
Happy Holidays :)


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