Women vs Travel!

When I started travelling alone, two years ago I was totally unknown to the facts and realities that I will be facing on my way. There was numerous obstacles which I need to overcome to make a wish true - Travel. Seeking permission from parents to book hotels at affordable but yet comfortable places. As I aforementioned, I was totally ignorant to these facts, but still now I made my first journey memorable and it one of my favorites.

Now I have a bunch of lady travelers who love to explore and roam around whenever a situation comes favorable. Students, housewives, professionals and even grandmothers are there. When comparing to them, my travel, life not much complicated, maybe because that I am still single.

There are male friends who also travel, but ask what makes a female so unique when she travel? "We are also doing the same, but when she does, its get notified to the whole society" To answer this question, I must say that I am not a feminist, but I am one among them who support gender equality but my answer is not anything related gender-ism but about responsibilities shared between He and She.

You (my dear male friend) can see, if you are a student and mostly you own a bike which you are already riding through all around and the rest you need is money to fuel your machine. But when I am (Me, Sajna and hundreds of like me :)) thinking of a trip, I don't have a bike or a scooter, so my first concern is to find an affordable transportation mode which I can opt in long and night journeys too. Checking train time, bus time, booking tickets and arranging money is the first stage. So the first part itself makes little difference. Even if I own a bike, convincing parents are 100 times greater than when I go on a trip.

And you (yes, my dear male friend) who is married and settled with kids at home. You are going on a trip and you announce it and packing bags and leaves home. May be you make sure provisions are enough at home so that your wife shouldn't go out when you are not in the city and if its a one day trip none of this is a concern for you, its pack and go. But me (Suppose I am married ;)) I have to make sure my kids are eaten and their lunch is cooked and breakfast is served and a baby sitter or my parents or any friends are there to take care of them when I am away or my husband is ready to take care of them and give permission to me for my solo expedition. Only after this a housewife can step out of her home when she is ready making a wish true. Isn't quite different from what a family man does? :)

Top of this, if she is married, along with her parents and she has another set of parents, ahmm-ehm, we can call them in-laws from whom she need a final OK. Any of you (my dear male friend) asked permission from your in-laws before you go on a trip? I am 100% sure that you don't even have a thought about such a thought :)

And if I am a rider and I know you (my male friend) too are and both are ridng and that won't make any difference and both are going for a long ride or maybe a K2K dide. But this time it makes little changes in "periods". Yes, she got "that time" in her monthly cycles which she has to manage while she goes on a long trip or ride. Which is quite difficult compare to "unload" anywhere or may be in some open air but this is not the same. However and whatever you plan for your trip, but at times your dates may not support you, but we have to go ahead, just because we too are bitten by wanderlusts. Now don't argue, an experienced person is saying :P

There is another category too who take their kids along in their trips and many of you (my male friends) don't even think of such a responsibility when he goes on a trip, he loves to be in no-strings-attached. (I am not talking about family trips :))

When starting listing, this is very few of them and still I can proudly say many ladies are there who mastered such so many obstacles and flying around....

Isn't she unique when she travels? :)


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