Ten safest places for ladies to travel alone!


 I know now your eyes are looking for the 10 bullet list locations with pictures and other details. It's one of the most trending topics in many of the travel groups or in Google. Even in my inbox, many are asking the same question "I want to travel alone, can you suggest a place?"

But the fact is that there is no place which is safe to travel alone, it's all about your confidence. Even at your home ladies are not safe then how can we assure her safety at outdoors!

Orcha, it was one of my favorite location ever since a Google search hit with a picture. During more research, I found out that 2-3 years back a lady traveler from abroad got raped and killed here so it's not safe for solo lady travelers. My wish to wander through the monuments was going uncontrollable but the other side of fact was also haunting.

When I planned the trip I choose a place to stay at Jhansi, which is 20km away from Orcha but still I will be wandering alone in Orcha, At last when I reached there, it was not what I heard about but completely safe (what I felt) but what all I heard was true,

See! I could have to cancel my trip but I chose to explore the place. And I was aware of the locality too. So there is no such place where you can go safe, even at your doorstep an auto driver can misbehave then what about at a completely unknown place!

If you are ready to step out, do it! 

It's good to take chances at times ;) 


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