Who sponsor my travel!?

Well, I know you are looking for a one line / one word answer for the title. Yes, My sponsor is me only :) Now you have another thought in mind - "hmm must be earning good". I must say - NO!

95% of my salary goes towards my loans and bills and as I mentioned in my post "How I afford my journeys" I am running my home so you can guess the expenses. Then again, how I can travel this much?

I would like to repeat few lines which I already written somewhere here that I plan my journeys months ahead. In fact in the beginning of year itself I list down all the holidays I can own in that year and my bucket list which matches with those holidays. Depending upon the number of holidays, my journey exceed to 4-5 days and towards North side of India. Weekends I can spent at Kerala or very close Karnataka, AP or Tamil Nadu. 

As you thinking now, I am not running with journal of my itinerary for the coming holidays all the time but not. I will have an idea of where I can go in coming days so I will book my train/flight tickets in advance which will be counting in that month's salary but the journey will be 3-4 months ahead and expenses of Journey will be taken from that upcoming month's salary. So it all will be tallied with my expenses. 

Those aforementioned expenses wont be more than 5000 anyways. I am not travelling for luxuries so saving 3000 in a month is enough for me to live my dreams. And I must say, I am a person who do not spent money for shopping and for gadgets, unless its unavoidable to live with it. So 3000 is not a big deal!

And I am earning with what you read now, yes my blogging started paying little for me. Not my personal blog adding weight to my wallet but I am writing travelogues and preparing Itineraries for those who are in need. So its a big relieve on my travel costs. 

So, see..I haven't won a lottery yet but travelling for last 2 years and my writing started paying me only before 2 weeks ago and even before that I was travelling with what I have. Its not about money, its about the dreams you chase :)

Pack and go..Mountains are calling :) 


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