How I plan for a trip?!

This is a very common question which keep on hitting my inbox.  Since I am travelling for last 2 years and now got a friend list in which most of them are travelers and few of them are "wish"-to-travelers.

At Gandikkotta
So the latter category have more queries and it will added with an extra bundle if its comes to lady travelers those who haven't stepped out of their comfort zone yet. 

When it comes to planing I choose to calculate my days in hand the penny in pocket. Depending on that I choose my destinations. First thing will be to book tickets which will be hard to get on last minute whim. Once it settled will start googling about the local transportation and comfortable and of course affordable stays.


Once you have up-down tickets in hand you will have a clear picture how much time you will have in your hand and according to that you can prepare your itinerary. If you can read Malayalam I suggest you to search in Online Traveler group Sanchari for travelogues in Malayalam. Authors of write up will help you out with your queries and concerns. 

And for the first timers, you are best to prepare ahead of dates. Its from my not that so-long experience. Collecting contact numbers of your hotels so that your loved ones can reach you in emergency, Collecting near by police contacts etc etc. 

Once all the above are settled you can start listing the places you wish to see there. Its good if you can visit more places but dont over estimate the time when you have forts or palaces in list. It might take your day some times and your plans may spoil. So its good you have a plan B or you are ready to handle whatever comes in your way, you are born talented! 

This is a normal scenario of tripping but there is even a dilemma when I get surprise leaves and no tickets in hand. There I choose one destination from the bucket list and opt the easiest and available transportation to reach there. 

And this is how I used to go or I am going now. See its totally dont have any plans, any plans for destination..any plans for the journey modes,..any plan for the places you see but you are travelling for sure! 


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