NOT a guide to Convince your Parents for Solo Travelling!

Its being two years since I started my solo wandering through the unknown lands of India. Many of my friends raised one single question many times and that was "How I find fund for my travel" or "How I get this much leaves?" These all questions was answered with a post here "How I afford my journeys" 

But nowadays another question is How I convinced my parents to get permission for these wanderings? If I had an answer for the previous questions from my friends, for this parent-permission I really don't have an answer. 
My first step out was to Odisha and that was a lie to my dears at home. I cooked up a story of office outing with friends to Odisha. I said that we are a group of 15 people and will be coming back to Kerala in 5 days. They were okay and my father instructed me what all to pack, recharge mobile, take necessary medicines, and all those general things which everyone should take care in long journey. And they call me 3 times a day and I have to attend it before it goes as a "missed call". It will shoot up their BP if the call go unattended. So thing was the priority in list to take care. 
Next time when I packed my back pack to Hampi, it was also an "office" trip but with only one girl in my office but later during call I mistakenly said that I am alone and 350km away from Bangalore. That made them tensed. It was a sleepless night for them till I reach Bangalore which was a known place to them. Then decided next time on wards wont let them nervous like this telling more lies and get caught in last moment. 

During a family trip at Kanyakumari
So from Danushkodi trip on wards I started asking permission/announcing my trips officially at home. It was a helluva of time. Mother was completely down till I am back.
Next cam Gandikkotta, this time she was cool but threatened me that Father will not allow. But his reply was "So you are not going to stop!". 
Since then it became part of their life, I am calling and announcing my journey. They will ask few questions and then moment of silence. Frequent calling wherever I go, my job is to attend is on time. For my fortune an article about me came in news paper that time regarding my book, so that made almost everything settled. But still they are the least excited about the articles which is coming in media (that's what they says, but they are always eager to read it :) ) 
So hear you can see I have used to tricks or tools to convince them but finally they accepted their daughter what she wished to do. 

And top of this we should have a mind to go and chase our dreams. As long as we continue pursuing our dreams, we can find a way to do it. Its not about being "lucky". I have seen many visitors in wheelchairs in my last Delhi visit. They are visiting the places in that two wheels. What if they blame on their own fate and sit back home?? So its all about you and your wishes. Stand up and go for it :)

Happy journey!


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