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How I afford my journeys???

Looking at my frequent journeys, people often misjudge me for two things: 1) I have a "Huuuuge" bank balance to travel around and 2) I am a person who is least concerned about my job as I take a lot of long leaves. But the fact is that, I am just a common person like you. I don't have any bank balance (except for an LIC insurance policy, which I took recently) and also, I get only 10 casual leaves in a year (till now my leaves have never gone to the “Loss of pay” status, wherein you will have to part with your hard earned money for the leaves you take exceeding the casual leave or sick leave quota!). On top of all these, I am the one supporting my family. So you can guess the kind of responsibilities that I have. In spite of all these, I find time and money to travel! You might wonder how I do it. Fear not! I would like to share with you how I budget my trips and manage my leaves. It can be helpful for those who share the itch to travel - just like me!

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